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Celebrating 50 Years of Scholarship and Networking

Webinar 01

  • 02/26/2021
  • 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
  • http://anhs-himalaya.org/event/anhs-webinar-01/

Research and Scholarship in the Himalaya:

Emerging Challenges and Opportunities

This ANHS Webinar brings together leading scholars of the Himalaya to discuss critical research agendas and scholarship objectives in the face of growing state suppression and intolerant ideologies across Asia. As new constraints impose challenges to academic work throughout the region, we ask what kinds of opportunities can be envisioned and pursued through international collaboration and the strengthening of knowledge communities. Key themes and questions that frame the event include: what are the implications of the growing suppression of academic freedoms across Asia?; how should Himalayan scholars navigate this new scenario?; what can professional organizations such as ANHS do to build bridges and advance research and scholarship in the region?



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