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Update from Galen Murton 4/26
Currently just outside of Jomsom and was leaving Upper Mustang when the earthquake hit. There is structural damage here but not major devastation. Roads are bad and airport operations remain suspended. Little news from outside Kathmandu has made its way here-most of that which I’ve received has come indirectly via family in the US. Power is currently on, cell coverage ok with the national carrier, and Internet intermittent. We are safe and sound and will keep you posted.
Update from Galen Murton 4/27

Tsuk indeed has fairly significant structural damage as does Tetang, where many buildings were already fairly compromised, but I did not see major ‘new’ collapses there. Spoke with Tsewang Bista at Lo Monthang GH today and the King’s Palace is standing but was severely cracked as were many of the older homes within the city wall, including Tsewang’s family compound; fortunately, no buildings fell. Most of the community will be spending a third night outside until the 72 hr watch period expires.Tsarang and Marang are largely alright but I have not been able to get news from Gheling or Samar or Ghami. Yesterday morning Yangjin heard that her family home in Garphu was also cracked in the first quake and so she returned to Choser yesterday from Chuksang, leaving just before the second major aftershock at 1 pm. I have not been able to reach her since then but know that no phone signals are received at the family home. I will be going to Kagbeni, Jharkot, and Lubra tomorrow to take stock of the situation there and will extend messages and sentiments to friends and relations. Messages remain mixed on the status of the road from Jomsom to Pokhara but most reports are that passage is possible via a sequence of vehicles. The highway between KTM and Pokhara is significantly damaged, but Pokhara is reportedly largely alright. Airport operations remain suspended at Jomsom and Pokhara.


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