Sunil Sapkota

Driven by his passion for snakes, Mr. Sunil Sapkota, a 27 year old student of the College of Natural Resources Lobesa, Punakha, Bhutan descends from Bharatpur-15 in Chitwan, Nepal. He is a founder president at Raise Hands Nepal (Since 2013) which zeroes in on saving snakes, plastic waste reduction, conducting awareness campaigns for environmental conservation, waste management and other activities like planting in barren lands and helping wild and domestic animals. He is a pioneer volunteer snake rescuer in and around Chitwan National park (Since 2008) and CIMC Asia representative of the CliMates which is an international student think and do tank involved in researching and advocating for innovative solutions to fight against climate change. He also served as a secondary level Environmental Science teacher at Paradise English School from 2013 to 2015. Though unpublished, he participated in research projects about snake and snake bite management. He made a paper presentation and a poster presentation with his affiliates on Species richness, species composition and relative abundance of snakes in Chitwan National Park and vicinity: new records and assessment of conservation threats in Jahrestagung annual meeting DGHT, Bonn, Germany and Third Annual Research Symposium held in Bhutan. He is UNESCO Madanjeet shing scholarship student to the College of Natural Resources,Bhutan, he completed +2 from Orchid Science College.

All in all, nothing can surpass his passion for rescuing the snakes. What he does is, he finds troubled snakes and safely sends them to where it resides and every contribution he has ever made is an outcome of his pro bono service incurring his personal expenses.


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