Chungla Sherpa

Born and brought up in a remote mountainous village of Nepal, Chungla Sherpa realizes the situation and problem of local communities’ livelihood with the mountain specificities and surrounding environments. This enforces and encourages her to analyze the existing situation and conditions under prospective changes in the local environment and surroundings for recommending the appropriate paths for sustainable livelihood. This was instrumental in guiding her to professional education in forestry and natural resources management, in order to contribute to a solution for global climate change, disaster risk reduction, human disruptions, and natural disasters, such as climate and non climatic events and deforestation, fragmentation, etc. which have direct impacts on national and global systems. These in totality support her to understand the dynamics of socioeconomic development of a growing population under the various stresses including the impacts of a changing climate.

Chungla Sherpa wishes to interact closely with local people and other stakeholders to identify the problems and causes pertaining to the sustainable development of mountain communities including conflict, changing climate, and the adaptation practices of local people and their traditional knowledge to understand the corrective actions and precautionary measures to bridge the ill impacts on their livelihoods and resources.

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