2015 Senior Fellowship Award Winner

This is the sixth year of the ANHS Senior Fellowship Program and we received numerous excellent applications.

The award for 2015 is:

Dr. Richard Bownas, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science and International Affairs for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Northern Colorado

Project Title: Maoist Model Villages and social transformation in post-conflict Nepal: a village based research study

Abstract: This research study aims to establish whether the period of social and political control of the Maoist guerrilla forces during Nepal’s civil war led to lasting changes in social structures, in particular structures concerning caste and gender. Specifically, the study will examine two villages in the Terai, one of which was a Maoist ‘model village’, where the Maoists had full political and social control for a number of years, and a demographically similar village nearby where the Maoists were not in control. The study will involve measuring discrimination practices in the two villages and investigating the micro politics of caste and gender in the two locations to find out whether Maoist political control has made an enduring difference in the model village in the nine years since the conflict period. The wider aim of the study is to investigate the conditions under which social transformation occurs in rural Nepal, using the Maoist model village as a lens through which to understand social change and the obstacles to structural transformation of enduring inequalities.

Contact Info

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ANHS Kathmandu Research Center
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