2012 Senior Fellowship Award Winner

This is the third year of the ANHS Senior Fellowship Program and we received numerous excellent applications. Through this program, the ANHS Executive Council sustains the mission of ANHS and serves the research interests of our members.

The ANHS Senior Fellowship Program supports projects that will advance knowledge about the greater Himalayan region. The award for 2012 is:

Dr. Anna Marie Stirr, Assistant Professor of Asian Studies, University of Hawai’i at Manoa

Project Title: Songs of Love and Revolution: Dreams of Social Transformation in Nepali Communist Songs

Abstract: This project is a social history and ethnography of Nepali communist musical production. Its theoretical focus lies on the mutability and interrelatedness of concepts of public and private, and the identifications and tensions between the intimate and the political, contending that music mediates these relationships in unique ways. Through a study of musical production across Nepal’s various communist parties (1960-present), I approach ideas of communism, love, and development as interrelated modes of aspiration, or ways of orienting self and society toward an imagined, better, future. I examine how individuals associated with different political parties and perspectives use song not only to express ideals but also to shape their social worlds. Asking how different strands of Nepali communist thought shape ways of imagining a transformative politics of love, I center my analysis on the role song plays in creating the intersubjective spaces for such imaginings.

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