2011 Senior Fellowship Award Winner

This is the second year of the ANHS Senior Fellowship Program and we received numerous excellent applications. Through this program, the ANHS Executive Council sustains the mission of ANHS and serves the research interests of our members.

The ANHS Senior Fellowship Program supports projects that will advance knowledge about the greater Himalayan region. The award for 2011 is:

Dr. Amanda Snellinger, Affiliate Scholar, The Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington

Project Title: Transfiguration of the Political: From Student Activist to Politician in “New Nepal”

Abstract: This project examines how Nepali political actors discursively negotiate international political values within their own political context. I will pursue research on Nepal’s ongoing constituent assembly and the role that the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) has played in restructuring the Nepali state. Focusing on the issue of consensus, and the negotiations over secularism and ethnic and gender inclusion, I ask how this interaction is shaping a generation of politicians and the future of a nation-state. This project builds on previous research, in which I analyzed the local and international factors that have shaped a generation of Nepali student activists as they deposed the Hindu monarchy and ushered in Nepal’s democratic republic or, as they call it, “new Nepal.” A number of my key informants have progressed from student activism to the constituent assembly, serving in both elected and party-appointed seats. Analyzing their experiences on the constituent assembly will bring my research full circle as I switch my focus from the influence that party leaders and international actors have had on student activists’ developing political identity to the negotiation these student activists engage in with their party leaders and international actors in the constituent assembly process.

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