Commentary from Members and Friends

Prashant Jha discusses the many contingencies that will effect Nepal’s recovery.

“Gone” a piece on the many absences now in Nepal by Carole McGranahan

Mark Turin and Sara Shneiderman on the need for attention to rural areas.

Seira Tamang discusses the bureaucratization of aid distribution.

Ideas about relief priorities from Sienna Craig.

Amanda Snellinger on political liabilities in earthquake response.

Classquake, an article by Andrew Nelson on building construction and class inequality.

Galen Murton asks readers to take a long-term view of recovery.

How music can lift the spirits of those effected by the quake by Anna Stirr.

Reflections from Cornell Students in Nepal for the quake.

Kathryn March reflects on the loss of familiar places.

Heather Hindman considers how the aid community might respond differently to this crisis.

David Gellner looks at how Nepal’s politics will intersect with reconstruction.

Manjushree Thapa asks why Nepal was not more prepared.

Author and editor, Rabi Thapa, reflects on his experience of the earthquake and loss of the city.

Beautiful post from Austin Lord on the situation in Kathmandu.

Post from John Beven on politics and earthquakes, reflecting upon comparisons between Nepal and Haiti.

Himal Magazine’s special website on the earthquake.

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