Support US Funding for International Education

Many members of ANHS are concerned about the status of important programs that support US and Himalayan scholars, such as Title VI, Fulbright and other Department of Education and State projects to promote international understanding. CAORC is working with leaders in Washington, D.C. to ensure that these funds, which so many of us rely on, are continued in future federal budgets. Please consider writing your Congress-person, especially if you are in a district where your representative is on a relevant subcommittee. Working with CAORC, we have created a letter to get you started. If possible, include personal information about how you have been effected by these programs.

Here is a list of House and Senate members on the relevant subcommittees and a draft letter. Please modify the letter as appropriate to your concerns and experience.

If you need information on contacting your representative, see the US House and Senate pages on this.

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