Successful First Student Symposium in Kathmandu

Rethinking Resilience, Forging Futures: A Student-Focused Research Symposium on Contemporary Issues in Nepal

The University of Washington Nepal Studies Initiative and the Association of Nepal and Himalayan Studies are pleased to report on the the first jointly sponsored Student-Focused Research Symposium on Contemporary Issues in Nepal, which was held at Yalamaya Kendra in Patan, Kathmandu on September 12 – 13, 2016.

The symposium was jointly funded by a Global Innovation Fund award from the University of Washington Office of Global Affairs, ANHS, and UW-NSI.

The Student-Focused Research Symposium sought to bring together a consortium of universities and institutions to promote academic engagements for emerging scholars of Nepal and the Himalayan region to present on current research. There are several annual conferences, panels, and speaking events in Nepal each year for faculty and advanced scholars, but there are few opportunities for students to showcase their work, gain experience engaging critically with their peers, and feature their own voice as emergent scholars of Nepal and South Asia.

For more information, please visit the symposium website:

The symposium program is also available here: student-research-symposium_program_12-13-september-2016

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Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies
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ANHS Kathmandu Research Center
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