ANHS changes financial processors from PayPal to AffiniPay

ANHS has transitioned its membership registration payment system from PayPal to AffiniPay in order to reduce overhead costs and steam-line processing within the Wild Apricot membership database. The transition to AffiniPay is simple and straightforward: when you are to pay your fees in Wild Apricot, AffiniPay will ask for credit card information (similar to PayPal and other vendors). Please provide your credit card information and you should be all set.

PLEASE NOTE: for members with recurrent renewal payments set-up within a PayPal account, please go to PayPal and end your recurrent payment:
Log into PayPal
Click on Settings (the “gear” in the upper right corner)
Click on the Payments tab
Click on Manage Automatic Payments
Find your ANHS automatic payment and Cancel it.

Reasons for switching to AffiniPay
The first problem with PayPal is that Wild Apricot has a new payment partner called AffiniPay, which they “encouraged” us to use by slapping a 20% surcharge on our annual payment, if we didn’t switch from PayPal to AffiniPay.  However, AffiniPay seems to be a MUCH better system than PayPal because it is seamlessly connected with Wild Apricot and directly deposits payments into the ANHS bank accounts. In addition, AffiniPay has better support staff who are promptly available when we need assistance.

The second problem with PayPal is that it affects members who have annual fees that are automatically taken from their credit cards via their PayPal accounts. Last year, ANHS slightly increased annual fees – e.g., the fee for academics and professionals in the Global North increased by $5. Wild Apricot included these increases in their membership categories, but the information that fees had increased could not be automatically transferred to PayPal. Hence, PayPal did not withdraw the full fee, and members, who thought they paid their full membership dues, were not classified as “active” members in Wild Apricot. We will contact members in this deficit situation and help them correct it. In contrast, AffiniPay will automatically adjust fee payments to match established fees in Wild Apricot. Quite a few members have already paid their membership fees through AffiniPay with no reported problems.

Contact Info

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