ANHS Kathmandu gratefully receives books from Wisconsin

ANHS-Kathmandu has received a generous contribution to its library from the University of Wisconsin’s College Year in Nepal program.  The ANHS-Kathmandu offices (in Baluwatar) are now home to thousands of books, manuals and other documents used by University of Wisconsin students, faculty and staff during the time in Nepal.  Although the program is currently suspended, the books, as well as the excellent thesis written by students in the program, can now be used by ANHS members at the Kathmandu office.  ANHS thanks UW-CYN, as well as those who took the time and effort to make this possible: Manohari Upadhyaya, Joe Elder, Pam Ross, Dr. V.A.Vidya, Dan Gold, Matthew Geisler and many others.

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