A Message from ANHS President Mary Cameron

A Message from ANHS President Mary Cameron

Dear ANHS Members,
It was great to see so many of you at the HSC3 conference at Yale University last weekend. The new friends and collaborators you met will help in your research and creative activities, and are vital to the future of our association. Thanks to all who participated.

The deadline for papers and panels for the 2014 Annual South Asian Conference at Madison, WI is April 1. The conference venue will include the official annual meeting of ANHS members and the Executive Council. ANHS presence at SAC Madison has waned in the past few years and we’d like to return to our former more robust voice in this important conference. To that end we’ve opened a blog site for members and friends to organize panels, at www.anhsmembers.blogspot.com. Please visit the site and join the conversation. You may also contact Geoff Childs chair of the ANHS Conference Committee, with questions, at gchilds@wustl.edu. And thanks to Heather Hindman for setting up the blog site.

I also want to alert you to a Madison pre-conference event involving all the South Asian Overseas Research Centers, including ANHS, titled “Climate Change, Disasters, and Indigenous Practices in South Asia.” Registration for Madison pre-conference participants comes at a later date but if you’re interested please contact Golam Mathbor at gmathbor@monmouth.edu.

Finally, on the teaching front, the ANHS website will soon be transitioning to a new website platform that will provide expanded announcements and information, among other features. The ANHS Communications and Grants Committee, chaired by Heather Hindman, is now collecting teaching materials for members to share. This initiative developed from presentations and conversations during “The Himalaya and Tibet in the North American Classroom” panels organized at HSC3 Yale. To help develop this important collaborative tool please send to Heather course syllabi, digital resources, and other teaching materials you’d like to share with colleagues, at h.hindman@mail.utexas.edu. Also indicate to Heather if you want your materials to be open access or limited. Thanks for your help in developing this important resource.

All the best,


Mary Cameron

President, ANHS

Professor, Anthropology

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