Members and Member Benefits


  • Community. Join a network of interested and engaged scholars, teachers, activists, artists and institutions.
  • HIMALAYA journal. Read and contribute to an open access, twice annual cutting edge peer-reviewed social sciences and humanities journal featuring original research and creative works, conference and book reviews, news and information.
  • ANHS-Kathmandu Services and Assistance. Receive assistance with identifying research assistants, navigating research approval and visa strategies, locating housing, participating in speakers series, accessing language training (forthcoming).
  • Conferences. Participate in US–based Himalaya Studies Conferences; co-sponsor or contribute to and access resources for annual summer Kathmandu-based Conference; receive support for facilitating panels at Annual Conference on South Asia, Madison, AAA, AAAS, and other conferences.
  • Funding Opportunities. Apply for Senior Research Fellowships, the Dor Bahadur Bista prize for best graduate student paper, travel grants, and book awards (planned).
  • ANHS Website. Keep appraised of members news, announcements, and regularly updated resources updated weekly.


Institutional Membership

We invite your institution to establish a membership with the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies (ANHS). We currently have twenty Institutional Members, such as Cornell, Middlebury, and Yale, members who each have their South Asia program displayed with details available to the public through our website. ANHS is the oldest academic organization devoted to the study of the Himalayas in the United States. Institutional membership with ANHS brings a wide array of benefits to university departments, libraries, faculty, and student populations.

As an institutional member, your faculty and students will benefit through ongoing support of their work on social, cultural, economic, and political dynamics in 21st century Asia. ANHS will help advance the research and teaching agenda for numerous faculty, enabling them to keep in touch with current educational initiatives, programming, and conferences concerning topics such as South Asian climate change, agriculture, religion, medical research, and gender studies in the Himalayas.

Students and faculty of Institutional Members also have access to a number of ANHS funding opportunities. For example, ANHS has a senior research fellowship, a book award, and a graduate student paper award. Further, ANHS is a member of the Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC). CAORC members’ research centers serve as a base for scholars undertaking research in host countries. If you join ANHS, your students and faculty are able to apply for CAORC Fellowships. For example, CAORC’s ‘NEH Senior Research Fellowship’ is only available to faculty and institutional members who have joined ANHS or other members of CAORC.

In addition, members of your institution will have access to the Kathmandu Research Center, which arranges numerous services to scholars, such as study visas, housing, language instruction, and research assistants. It has a 1,500 volume library which includes many rare books.

ANHS institutional members are often involved in hosting conferences, such as our biennial Himalayan Studies Conference. We are also working with our institutional members to institute study abroad programs, and the Kathmandu Research Center can host a study abroad summer language and culture classes. Finally, as an institutional member your library will receive a copy of the region’s flagship journal HIMALAYA, which features academic articles, reviews, and art work.

Please join us! You can easily join online via our website or by contacting our President or Membership Chair. If you have any questions about the Association, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope to see you soon within the ANHS community.

Galen Murton
Chair, Membership and Policy Committee

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