Services Available at KRC

The staff at the Kathmandu Research Center can help students and scholars arrange the following services while in the region:

Visa Processing Services
While KRC does not offer research visas directly, we provide ANHS researchers with advice and introduce them to relevant offices or individuals for visa processing. We have experience in facilitating research and study visas in collaboration with TU and other academic institutions and are available to provide letters of affiliation.

Language Teachers and Translators
Senior language teachers have experience of working with Tribhuvan University, the Peace Corps, and many foreign missions and INGOs in Nepal. They can offer written and colloquial language classes at Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels specifically designed to meet individual’s specific needs. Language teachers have at least a BA degree. Some are actively teaching faculties from different campuses in Kathmandu who have Masters or PhD degrees. Language teachers’ charge Rs. 800-1,000 per hour for individualized class (Rs. 1,200-1,500 for a group of 2 students) or Rs. 22,000 to 35,000 per month based upon the teacher’s qualification and years of experience. There are language teachers available some of whom have 3-4 years and some have more than 20-25 years of experience.

Language translators generally charge between Rs. 350 per page to Rs. 1,000 (for A4 size, single space, 12 point font). Legal documents and old manuscripts have a higher cost.

Lecture Series and Speakers
KRC can draw noted scholars who have decades of experience in their respective fields to conduct lectures, tours, or to work with ANHS scholars as their tutors or research advisors in many subject areas such as: Anthropology, Geography, Religion, Performing Arts, History, Politics, Gender, Development, Forestry and Agriculture, Environmental Studies, Journalism, Language, and Literature. Depending on expertise, there is a common practice of offering speakers from Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 10,000 per lecture (inclusive of transportation, slides, ppt. or handouts).

KRC can provide home-stay experiences for individuals and groups with either a Nepali or a Tibetan family. Home-stays will cost between Rs. 900 to Rs. 1,000 per day per person, depending on the facilities. Home-stays are available for short to long term (for a few months to a year or longer period) residency. Families can be chosen as per the individual’s interest. The family will provide tea and light snack in the morning and dinner on weekdays and full meals on weekends. The guest will be given a separate/private room for personal use. In some cases, the guest may have to share living space with some of the family members.

Networking Opportunities
KRC can work with ANHS researchers to help them connect with already existing forums in Nepal such as Martin Chautari, Social Science Baha, Center for Nepal and Asian Studies, Nepal Heritage Society, and Fulbright.

For more information, please contact the KRC Director, Manohari Upadhyaya, at

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