Activities at KRC

The Kathmandu Research Center is happy to provide support for groups and individuals while in Nepal. We help scholars make arrangements in Nepal and provide contacts and advice for scholars wishing to work in Bhutan, Tibet, and India. Some examples of these types of activities include:

Services to support individuals to conduct research projects, consultancies, and contracts
Often, recipients of research grants and contracts need help getting projects off the ground in-country. These services might be provided directly by the KRC Director or the Director can facilitate in finding another person or organization. Costs for these services can be written into the grants or funding mechanisms. Possible services may include: finding meeting/office space; connecting with research assistants and translators; and, providing support for visa, special area permits, and IRB applications.

Services to support training programs
While full-semester study abroad programs, like that in Cornell or Wisconsin, are becoming increasingly rare, more universities are moving to shorter, service learning visits. KRC can support these as well as other short-term trainings or visits by other groups, such as medical professionals, environmentalists, etc. who want to have experience in the region. Services that KRC provided or might provide in this situation include:
– Short-term language study
– Links with local organizations, faculty, and students for meetings, presentations, internships, workshops
– Cultural experiences (walking tours, visits to schools, hospitals, etc.)
– Links with local home-stay opportunities for students
– Travel and visa logistics

Below are some activities that the Kathmandu Research Center supported in 2016:

  1. For Dr. Teri Allendorf’s research with WWF, KRC provided: office space for meetings and training; contact and CVs for research assistants; and, office services, such as internet and printing
  2. KRC in partnership with the Social Science Baha organized a workshop ‘How to Give Conference Papers’ on July 10, 2016, led by ANHS member Anna Stirr, for 30 student participants
  3. KRC provided logistical support, including program printing, venue, and catering, for 60 participants, and arranged for panelists and moderators of the Student-Focused Research Symposium on Contemporary Issues in Nepal: Rethinking Resilience, Forging Futures, 12-13 September 2016, held at Yalamaya Kendra, Lalitpur. More info here.

For more information, please contact the KRC Director, Manohari Upadhyaya, at

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