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HIMALAYA is a biannual, peer-reviewed journal published by the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies (ANHS), formerly known as the Nepal Studies Association (1972-2000).

Now 40 years old, HIMALAYA is the continuation of the Himalayan Research Bulletin (1981-2003) and the Nepal Studies Association Newsletter (1972-1980).

Truly interdisciplinary and transregional in scope, HIMALAYA is committed to covering all aspects of Himalayan Studies, including the natural and social sciences, humanities, and creative arts.

HIMALAYA promotes scholarly understanding of, engagement with, and appreciation for this understudied and diverse world region. We are committed to collaborating with other regional associations devoted to Himalayan issues, and supportive of work that encourages intellectual and cultural exchange.

To that end, HIMALAYA publishes original research articles, short field reports, book and film reviews, reports on meetings and conferences, alongside literature and photo essays from the region. All original research articles are submitted to a rigorous peer review process.

HIMALAYA serves the needs of a diverse constituency of scholars, students, professionals, and institutions in the United States and around the world. The journal is included in the collections of fifty major libraries in the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Our international Editorial Board is comprised of leading scholars from around the world who represent a range of disciplines and perspectives on Himalayan studies—from historians, geographers, and anthropologists to ethnomusicologists, specialists in Himalayan languages and literatures, and conservation-development professionals.

We are committed to the open access publishing movement, and are pleased to make the HIMALAYA archive available through the Digital Commons platform hosted by Macalester College. As of Volume 33, HIMALAYA is now published free for all and online immediately. This move towards open access will transform not only the journal, but also ensure wider access to scholarship on the Himalayan region.

Under new editorship, HIMALAYA is developing a stronger web presence and a more contemporary visual look, both online and in print. Beginning in 2014, we aim to produce one omnibus and one themed, guest edited issue each year.

Current print issues of HIMALAYA are available for members of ANHS and Institutional subscribers. ANHS membership and subscription rates and additional information can be found here. Back issues of Himalaya are available for free online from the Digital Commons site.

Additional information about institutional or individual subscriptions should be sent to the editors, Sienna Craig and Mark Turin at the following email address <himalaya@anhs-himalaya.org>

We need your support. Please consider HIMALAYA for your next publication, recommend the journal to colleagues and students, consider editing a themed issue, and let us know of your publications and events so that we can offer appropriate coverage.

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