International Seminar on Central Himalaya

The Doon Library and Research Centre (DLRC), Dehradun, has decided to hold an
International Seminar on Central Himalaya in 2015, the year that also marks the
bicentenary of the Treaty of Sugauli. The treaty was signed on December 2, 1815 by
Gajraj Misr, representing Government of Nepal, and Lieutenant-Colonel Bradshaw of the
East India Company, and it sealed the fate of the regional rajdoms in Central Himalaya
for good. This Treaty compares well with the Treaty of Westphalia in that it was the first
time that the concept of nation-state was introduced in South Asian polity. It also
witnessed the emergence of an entirely new concept of governance in Central Himalaya,
and caused profound impact on the socio-economic, cultural, and political aspects of life.
The seminar purports to discuss the impact of those changes and highlight the continuity
of such traits as are typical Central Himalayan.

Title: Unfolding Central Himalaya: the cradle of culture
Date: December 11-17, 2015.
Venue: Dehradun (Uttarakhand, India): December 11-13, 2015; Mahendra Nagar (Far Western
Nepal): December 15-17, 2015.

On behalf of the DLRC, Dr. Charles W. Brown (now Charles Norris-Brown) and Dr.
Maheshwar P. Joshi, Founder Members of the ASH (Association of the Studies on
Himalaya), and Editors, Himalaya: Past and Present) have agreed to co-ordinate
respectively with the Western and South Asian scholars participating in the seminar. The
seminar will have the following themes:
Theme A: People and their mountains: the unfolding of culture (data intense
anthropology, archaeology, ecosystems, folklore, folk-music, geography, linguistics, etc.,
that help to define Central Himalaya culturally).
Theme B: Kings, Gorkhas, and the British: the timeline of change (in consideration of the
end of old order under the regional rajdoms of Central Himalaya, analyses of what
changes these three factors caused in Central Himalayan politico-economic and sociocultural
Theme C: Uttarakhand and beyond: culture and future (matters related to culture and its
place in modern Uttarakhand society, issues in education, future research, and thoughts
about future socio-cultural development).

Scholars willing to participate are requested to send summary of their papers within 500
words well in advance, and fully completed papers four months before the
commencement of the seminar for circulation and peer comments to be taken up for
discussion as well as to enable the DLRC to publish the proceedings at the earliest.
Please note that considering the number of regular visitors to Dehradun and limited
resources of the host institution, only those delegates who register themselves on firstcome-
first basis would be provided with free lodging on twin sharing basis, as the DLRC
shall arrange free board and lodging for around twenty-five Western delegates. Scholars
who want to present their papers are requested to fill in the registration form and submit it
by January 11, 2015.
Prof. Dr. B.K. Joshi,
Hon. Director, DLRC,

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