Himal event on Media in South Asia

Media: Ownership, Investment and Independence in Southasia


2:00 pm – Sunday, August 10, 2014
Rato Baithak, Hotel Himalaya
Lalitpur, Nepal

Much of the criticism related to journalism in Southasia centres on censorship and threats to journalists in conflict zones. While those concerns remain important, the growing challenge posed by ownership patterns and profit-driven media houses has not received sufficient attention.
Given the hollowing out of a large proportion of media in our region and the difficulty of survival of independent media in an age of corporatisation, commercialisation and the ensuing censorship, our panels  ̶  one on the problematic expansion of the media and the other on media, survival in Southasia   ̶  seek to stimulate an informed regional-level debate amongst the practitioners as well as consumers of journalism.

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