Environment, Livelihood and Culture in the Greater Himalayan region

Event Date: June 17, 2016

Upcoming is the first International summer school on the theme of “Environment, Livelihood and Culture in the Greater Himalayan region. The international summer school is jointly organized by Yale Himalaya Initiative, the Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale, and the Center for Trans-Himalayan Studies at the Yunnan Minzu University in Kunming. The dates of the program are from June 26th to July 02.

The aim and scope of the summer school is to engage participants in an interdisciplinary exercise with a team of prominent Himalayan scholars and historians of religions who represent a diversity of disciplines (i.e. ecology, anthropology, climate science, religion etc.) for developing critical approaches to understand the transregionality of environments, livelihoods, and cultures in the greater Himalayan region.

The participants will benefit from a diversity of learning material (both reading, and audio/visual) that have been developed especially for the Yale’s Online Himalayan diversities course and the Forum on Religion and Ecology courses, as well as existing seminars and training materials for graduate students and young scholars at  the Center for Trans-Himalayan Studies. With the of aim of complete immersion, participants will be able be fully engaged with scholars for a five day period. The participants will also get the opportunity to engage with fellows from across the world who are interested in the region and explore possibilities for research collaborations.

The last date to register for the course is 17th of June,  2016

We are very excited to share this unique opportunity with you all. For more information, please follow the link YHI-CTHS Summer School or contact us at alark.saxena@yale.edu

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