• SINHAS Special Issue on Nepal Geographies

    The latest issue of SINHAS on ‘Nepal Geographies’ is now out in print. The Editorial note and Introduction are available below. STUDIES IN NEPALI HISTORY AND SOCIETY ISSN: 1025-5109 Volume 25 No. 1 June 2020 CONTENTS Editorial Note SINHAS...

  • Special Issue on Surveillance and Security Edited by Sahana Ghosh

    Sahana Ghosh edited a special section “Living through Surveillance” in the latest issue of Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East (Dec 2019). Ghosh writes in the Introduction: “This collection argues that the...

  • Nepal’s Quest for Federalism – May 2016

    Subindra Bogati and Julia Strasheim recently published a piece for the German Institute of Global and Area Studies that addresses violence related to the recent Constitution.  It can be read here. ...

  • A Himalayan Border Trilogy – Murton

    ANHS EC member Galen Murton recently published an essay that illustrates and contrasts the infrastructure and operations of three international border posts between China and Nepal. Located at Zhangmu-Kodari, Kyirong-Rasuwa, and Likse-Neychung border...

  • The Southasian military complex – Himal Magazine

    All Southasian states are now officially ‘democracies’ with civilian governments in power. This could be viewed as a marker of significant progress, particularly considering that different parts of the region have experienced long periods of mili...

  • Marginalised Dalits in International Labour Migration: Reconfiguring Economic and Social Relations in Nepal by Ramesh Sunam

    International labour migration continues to rise in Nepal affecting the livelihoods of many people. In this article, I draw on ethnographic research with Dalits, a marginalised group, to examine the role of international labour migration in altering ...

  • Reframing Ethnicity by Sara Shneiderman

    Reframing Ethnicity: Academic Tropes, Recognition Beyond Politics, and Ritualized Action Between Nepal and India by Sara Shneiderman Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork across the Himalayan borders of Nepal and India, I revisit disciplinary debates a...

  • Depopulating the Himalayan Highlands

    Geoff Childs, Sienna Craig, Cynthia M. Beall, and Buddha Basnyat Abstract Communities that have thrived for centuries in Nepal’s rugged mountain environments are facing rapid population declines caused by the outmigration of youths, both males ...

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