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  • On the Road to Better Health? Impacts of New Market Access on Food Security, Nutrition, and Well-Being in Nepal, Himalaya, by Michelle Grocke

    On the Road to Better Health? Impacts of New Market Access on Food Security, Nutrition, and Well-Being in Nepal, Himalaya Michelle Grocke – University of Montana – 2016 – Food Security, Diet and Nutrition, Well-Being To download the dissertation in full, please visit The first road to be built into Humla, Nepal has connected […]

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  • Sherpa Intercultural Experiences in Himalayan Mountaineering: A Pragmatic Phenomenological Perspective, by Young Hoon Oh

    Sherpa Intercultural Experiences in Himalayan Mountaineering: A Pragmatic Phenomenological Perspective Young Hoon Oh – University of California, Riverside – 2016 – Anthropology Sherpas occupy the key position in contemporary Himalayan mountaineering and related tourism industries across the Himalayan chain. Once engaged merely in carrying loads, they now guide clients and organize expeditions. The transformation has […]

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  • THE SPECTACLE OF POWER by Genevieve Lakier

    The spectacle of power: Coercive protest and the problem of democracy in Nepal  Genevieve Lakier – University of Chicago – 2014 – Anthropology This dissertation examines how political actors in contemporary Nepal negotiate their relationship to the state and to other members of the political community by performing their power publicly, specifically, by organizing coercive […]

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  • Four Ana and One Modern Home by Andrew Nelson

    Four Ana and One Modern House: A Spatial Ethnography of Kathmandu’s Urbanizing Periphery Andrew Nelson – University of Virginia – 2013 – Anthropology This dissertation concerns the relationship between the rapid transformation of Kathmandu Valley’s urban periphery and the social relations of post-insurgency Nepal. Starting in the 1970s, and rapidly increasing since the 2000s, land […]

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  • Gendered Look at Earthquake Recovery

    The goal of the research is to understand the recovery and rebuilding processes from a gender/class/caste dimension and assist in documenting the effects of the disaster from a multi-faceted perspective. It is the intention of this research to offer effective strategies for the longer-term recovery and rebuilding process of Bhaktapur as well as other heritage […]

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  • Nepal’s Quest for Federalism – May 2016

    Subindra Bogati and Julia Strasheim recently published a piece for the German Institute of Global and Area Studies that addresses violence related to the recent Constitution.  It can be read here. 

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  • A Himalayan Border Trilogy – Murton

    ANHS EC member Galen Murton recently published an essay that illustrates and contrasts the infrastructure and operations of three international border posts between China and Nepal. Located at Zhangmu-Kodari, Kyirong-Rasuwa, and Likse-Neychung borders, these posts function as the only motorable China-Nepal border crossings and represent half of the six official, open borders recognized by Kathmandu […]

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  • The Southasian military complex – Himal Magazine

    All Southasian states are now officially ‘democracies’ with civilian governments in power. This could be viewed as a marker of significant progress, particularly considering that different parts of the region have experienced long periods of military rule, protracted armed struggle and violent transitions of power. Yet, the label of ‘democracy’ disguises problematic forms of militarisation […]

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  • Discourse of Awareness by Tatsuro Fujikura

    Dr. Fujikura’s new book, reviewed in Himalaya 34(1), takes both a critical and constructive view of development in Nepal, focusing particularly on international programs for community development in relation to the Maoist movement. For Jagannath Adhikari’s review of Discourse of Awareness:Development, Social Movements and the Practices of Freedom in Nepal visit the Himalaya site. Or to […]

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  • Marginalised Dalits in International Labour Migration: Reconfiguring Economic and Social Relations in Nepal by Ramesh Sunam

    International labour migration continues to rise in Nepal affecting the livelihoods of many people. In this article, I draw on ethnographic research with Dalits, a marginalised group, to examine the role of international labour migration in altering migrants’ economic and social space in their places of origin, once affected by Maoists’ ‘people’s war’. In particular, […]

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