Types of Activities at KRC

The Kathmandu Research Center is happy to provide support for groups and individuals while in country. We  help scholar make arrangements in Nepal and also provide contacts and advice for scholars wishing to work in Bhutan, Tibet, and the Himalayas in general. Some examples of these types of activities include:

  1. Services to support individuals to conduct research projects, consultancies, and contracts
  2. Services for students and independent researchers
  3. Services to support training programs
  4. Services to support conferences and workshop
  5. Language teacher contacts

For more information, please contact the KRC Director, Manohari Upadhyaya, at kathmandu@anhs-himalaya.org.

Contact Info

1300 University Avenue
B488 Medical Sciences Center
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: 608-261-1194

ANHS Kathmandu Research Center
54 Kantishree Marg, Baluwatar
Kathmandu, Nepal.
Phone: 01-4425797