Examples of Activities Supported by KRC

Below are some examples of activities that the Kathmandu Research Center and its staff successfully supported in 2016:

  1. KRC provided the following services for Dr. Teri Allendorf on a research contract she has with WWF: office space for meetings and training, contact and CVs for research assistants, and office services, such as internet and printing, she used while training research assistants.
  2. KRC in partnership with the Social Science Baha organized the workshop ‘How to Give Conference Papers’, 10 July 2016, led by ANHS member Anna Stirr, for 30 student participants. KRC worked with SSB and hosted the event at SSB.
  3. KRC provided logistical support, including program printing, venue, and catering, for 60 participants, as well as arranging for panelists and moderators of the Student-Focused Research Symposium on Contemporary Issues in Nepal: Rethinking Resilience, Forging Futures, 12-13 September 2016, held at Yalamaya Kendra, Lalitpur. Nepal (http://anhs-himalaya.org/news-n-announcement/rethinking-resilience-forging-futures-student-focused-research-symposium-contemporary-issues-nepal),

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